Travel Directions

Laguna Azul Eco-Boutique Hotel is a six-room hideaway in a blissfully remote setting: the Bocas del Toro Archipelago, located in the Caribbean Sea northwest of the Republic of Panama, a 50-minute flight from Panama City.

Details on How to get Here

Step One: Arrive in Panama City 

  • Panamá: Aeropuerto Internacional Tocumen. Main companies: Copa Airlines, Continental Airlines, Delta, American Airlines, Iberia

Step two: Change the airport for domestic flight.

  • In Panama City, the passenger must move from the Tocumen International Airport to the airport Marcos A Gelabert (Ex Albrook). From here, all domestic flights. The companies Aeroperlas or Airpanama made a total of 4 daily flights each (2 morning and 2 afternoon). After a 50 minutes flight you reach the airport at Bocas del Toro
A representative of Laguna Azul Eco-Boutique Hotel will meet you at the airport and take you on a 30-minute pleasant boat ride where you can enjoy nature on the way to the hotel.

The 30-minute private boat ride from the Bocas del Toro airport to the lodge offers an invigorating sneak peek at what’s to come. Deserted island after beach-fringed cay blur together like a back to nature special, local families paddle by in traditional cayucos (canoes) and flying fish join in the race to the dock. When the lodge finally appears above a pocket bay just off uninhabited Isla Popa, it seems, incongruously enough, like a transplant from the American South — its white, deep-pitched roofs and green exterior standing out against the banks of tangled mangroves.


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