1. General Manager: He has the commercial accountability for budgeting andfinancial management. While taking a strategic overview with the rest of theowners and planning ahead to maximise profits. The general manager is also incharge of: supervising maintenance (water collection & treatment, generator, solarpanels), supplies, renovations and furnishings; dealing with contractors and suppliers; ensuring security is effective; carrying out inspections of property and services; ensuring compliance with licensing laws, health and safety and other statutory regulations.

2. Staff & Operation Manager: I in charge of the Staff and the planning, organizingand directing all hotel services, including front-of-house (reservation information,concierge), food and beverage operations and housekeeping. The Operationmanager must also pay attention to the details, setting the example for staff todeliver a standard of service and presentation that meets guests’ needs andexpectations. The Operation Manager is also in charge of: meeting and greeting customers; dealing with customer complaints and comments; addressing problems and troubleshooting;

3. The Captains: They are in charge of the boats. They have an excellent boathandling and navigational skills. They are in charge of the maintenance, engineerand technical part of the boat. They also need to maintain the boats clean andready for the tours including the save jackets.

4. The Chefs: Direct the preparation, seasoning, and cooking of salads, soups, fish,meats, vegetables, desserts, or other foods taking care of the guests restrictionsand allergies. Plan menu items, orders supplies, and keep records. Cook and bakefoods for the personnel and the guests.They check all purchased supplies for quality and account for each delivered item.They are in charge of requisition stock, materials, supplies or equipment.

5. The Bartender: Mixes and serves alcoholic and nonalcoholic drinks to guests,following some standard recipes: Mixes ingredients, such as liquor, soda, water, sugar, and bitters, to prepare cocktails and other drinks. Innovate with newcocktails. Serves wine or beer. In charge of orders and requisitions liquors andsupplies. Arranges bottles and glasses to make attractive display. He has to sliceand pit fruits for garnishing drinks. Make an inventory of the daily consumption. They are in charge of the proper set of the tables. Check the guests restrictions in order to avoid complaints. Check with customers to ensure that they are enjoying their meals and takeaction to correct any problems. Escort customers to their tables. Explain how menu is prepared, describing ingredients and cooking methods. • Remove dishes and glasses from tables, and take them to kitchen forcleaning.Serve food and/or beverages to guests as required. Stock service areas with supplies such as coffee, food, tableware, and linens.

6. The Housekeepers: Some of them key tasks include making guests’ beds,changing the linens, clean curtains or drapes and furniture. In addition to cleaningbathrooms, windows, ceilings, floors and walls, they also empty wastebaskets. Hotel housekeepers replenish all items within the rooms, including soaps,shampoos, toilet paper, towels, and blankets. Our housekeepers have also aspecial decoration with towels on every single bed in order to make your stay ascomfortable and pleasant as possible.

7. The Maintenance crew: They are in charge of the functioning of the watertreatment system, the generator, the bumps, gas and fuel dispenses at all times.They also clean all the backyard social area like the gym and the solariumincluding the cleaning of the canoes and the snorkeling equipment.

Bastimentos beach

 If you’re a beach lover, we are sure you’ll love Bocas del Toro!  You can literally choose a different beach for every day of your vacation . Being away from the big cities from the mouths of the rivers, our waters lack of pollution, this factor and the fact of being outside the Caribbean hurricane zonemake the sea bed with the percentage of live coral top the world (65%) also in the archipelago are concentrated 95% of coral species throughout the Caribbean owncounting unique and endemic species in the area.

On Isla Colon you’ll find the following beaches: Playa El Istmito, Big Creak, Playa Mango, Paunch, Flat Rock, Bluff Beach, Starfish Beach in Bocas del Drago, La Piscina, Playa Lagarto and Mimitimbi Beach amongst others.

On Carenero, near Isla Colon you will  find several white sand beaches and on Bastimentos Island  you will be able to enjoy Playa Primera (Wizard Beach), Playa Segunda, Red Frog Beach, Playa Polo and Playa Larga (Long Beach).

On the east of Bastimentos there are more unamed beaches and all the rest of the islands (Solarte, Cristobal, Popa, Cayo de Agua) have their fare amount of amazing beaches. Some of the most spectacular beaches can be found in the Zapatillas Cays (see photo) and in Escudo de Veraguas.

In Bocas del Toro you will be able to find almost every single known type of coral in the Caribbean and an immense variety of tropical fishes and sea life.

Bocas is also a great place for divers and snorkelers due to its calm, accesible waters with plenty of coral and sponge gardens to explore at shallow depths such as Crawl Cay.Also the Snorkeling can be done at the foot of the Laguna Azul ECO Lodge Hotel: Coral, sea stars, crabs and a host of small fish swimming among the roots that surround the lodge of the Laguna Azul ECO Lodge Hotel.

To explore the different landscapes that offers Bocas del Toro and Laguna Azul ECO Lodge Hotel, have 2 boatsequipped with high-powered engines.

For guests seeking a more authentic experience the lodge is at the disposal Kayucos and Canoes Excursions included in the price of the Lodge
  • Visiting Bocas del Toro and markets.
  • Playa de las Estrellas.
  • Red Frog Beach.
  • Watching dolphins.
  • Visit Gnobe the native community.

Please contact our Personal Concierge for more information.



Beach at Bocas del Toro

The first thing you´ll notice (and we  found it fun & original) is that the population of Bocas del Toro have their houses built on stilts at the edge of the sea and is a major attraction for tourists. In Laguna Azul Ecolodge  imagine getting up every day watching the sea in a place as quiet as this has made us move here permanently.

Nature has been generous with this part of the world where the only main attraction here  are the beaches, coral reefs, incredible sea and mangroves that show that the protagonist goes to the outdoors and nature. Here nothing tired or stressful activities, an ideal trip for those who sold out the daily rhythm of work and the city come in search of tranquility.

It should be noted that for all these qualities, is a permanent site and tourist boom is equipped and ready for where you look to welcome tourists from around the world, from small hotels and luxury resorts to cheap guest houses and numerous restaurants that offer  typical food and a wide range of possibilities to choose where to stay or eat.

And this place does not stop when adding activities beneficial to the traveler, and as every tourist spot is the “trump card” nature and gives us the opportunity to perform various activities such as snorkeling, diving, surfing, sea turtles visit or indigenous communities, or simply bask in some of its incredible beaches. What else can we add? this place gives us the constant feeling of unspoilt, unexplored, unpolluted, a place free from care and friendly and hospitable people where relaxation is assured.

Welcome to Bocas del Toro, visit Isla Popa and spoil yourself at Laguna Azul Ecolodge.




Bocas del toro Kids

Being away from the big cities from the mouths of rivers, its waters lack of pollution, this factor and the fact of being outside the Caribbean hurricane zone have their sea corals have the percentage of higher living the world (65%).

Also in the archipelago are concentrated 95% of coral species throughout the Caribbean own counting unique and endemic species in the area.
The incredible biodiversity of these islands only surpassed by that of the Galapagos, has Bocas del Toro earned the name “LIVING ISLAND”.
As said before, if you’ve ever thought about diving, this is the ideal place. Bocas del Toro in this sport is so exciting for both novices and experts and in their internal waters at depths between 12 and 18 meters offers the magnificent spectacle to observe the concentration of live coral highest in the world, here should always dive flashlight beam spread, even in the daytime dives, to observe the great variety of colors red, purple and magenta that exist there. In terms of fauna, coral reefs are home to countless species of fish, shrimps, crabs, starfish, spiders, clams, sea horses, fish, frogs and eels and a huge amount and variety of sponges.
Example of the enormous biodiversity of these islands are the pristine tropical forests located in one of its keys, you can observe the spectacle of a rainforest in the middle of a reef, formed by several species of trees native to coastal wetland area, which grow under conditions of movement of water (salted / sweet), as well as its unique and endemic species of bats and frogs dart multicolored Mangrove forests can transform salt water into fresh water to their functions, these floating forests maintain a very close to marine life, its intertwined roots provide protection and shelter to fish and shellfish in their larval stages, plus many other nutrients. Dolphins ply its waters and four of the eight turtle species identified in the world visit the area: white or green, hawksbill, loggerhead and bighead or the largest of all, the impressive canal.

The spawning season and mating ranges from March to September during which he can easily see this natural spectacle.
Finally Swan Swan Cay cay or also known as Bird Island, one of the best kept secrets in Bocas del Toro, is a nature reserve consists of a small group of islands forming impressive it looks from above a “cathedral of stone ”. Here lives a great number of species of seabirds, sedentary and migratory, such as brown pelicans, frigate, the brown booby and the tropical bird so it should not be surprising that birders can find more than 350 species their natural habitat.
All this grand spectacle of biodiversity that can be enjoyed on these islands, amply justifies the nickname “Island Living”.
In their midst was created Bastimentos National Marine Park in which ecotourism is practiced and is a natural attraction of the archipelago. This reserve covers an approximate area of ​​13200 hectares, of which 11,600 are from sea and land are 1600 islands in this park are protected especially lobsters and the turtles that nest on beaches, in addition to the flora and fauna site
They are also protected from logging mangroves, rainforest and its destruction cause by the effects of sedimentation in an environmental impact that would destroy the ecosystem of coral reefs and the life of fish and crustaceans that inhabit it. The most visited sites in the park are two keys by natural beauty, known as Cayo Slipper.
In its pristine beaches, formed by coral sand and surrounded by coconut palms, nesting hawksbill turtles (Eretmochelys imbricata), a species in greatest danger of extinction and the turtle (Dermochelys coriacea), considered the largest in the group of turtles.

Bocas del Toro, Laguna Azul MAP

The archipelago of Bocas del Toro, located in the Caribbean Sea northwest of the Republic of Panama, is made ​​up of 9 islands, 51 Keys and more than 200 small islands

As shown in the map here below, the area has a very particular geography and the set of islands, all surrounded by barriers of coral reefs to offshore, enclosing the Almirante Bay and its surroundings in a way that makes it a true coastal lagoon, preventing the formation of large currents and waves

How to get to the Lodge?

Step One: Arrive in Panama City 

Step two: Change the airport for domestic flight.

  • In Panama City, the passenger must move from the Tocumen International Airport to the airport Marcos A Gelabert (Ex Albrook). From here, all domestic flights. The companies Aeroperlas o Airpanamamade a total of 4 daily flights each (2 morning and 2 afternoon). After a 50 minutes flight you reach the airport at Bocas del Toro
A representative of Laguna AzulEco Lodge, will meet you at the airport to take you on a pleasant boat ride, where you began to enjoy nature in a 30 minute ride to the hotel.

Laguna Azul Ecolodge is located near Isla Popa is an exclusive private island, surrounded by magnificent mangroves, and corals

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